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Intelligent Transport Systems (ITS)

The ITS Group at DIMTS specializes in the development and deployment of Intelligent Transport Systems in India.

ITS is a set of broad and diverse technologies known collectively as intelligent transportation systems. It comprises of a number of technologies, including information processing, communications, control, and electronics. Combining these technologies to transportation systems provides a wide range of benefits such as saving time and money, bringing environmental and economic efficiency.

Wireless Traffic Signal Controller (Wi-TraC)

  • State-of-the-art Advanced Traffic Controller with high speed 32-bit ARM9 Micro-Controller
  • Distributed Architecture with 1 Master Controller and up to 16 Slave Controllers
  • Master-Slave configuration with wireless (ISM band) or wired (CAN bus) Master-Slave connectivity for LED Lamp switching
  • Works on either solar power or conventional 230VAC mains
  • 32 Phases, 32 Stages, 24 Cycle Plans, 20 Day Plans, 20 Special Day Plans, 4 Week Plans & 4 Hurry Calls
  • Built-in vehicle detection (camera/loop) & GPS Interface
  • Manual, Forced Flash, Fixed Time, Semi-Actuated, Vehicle Actuated & ATCS mode of operation
  • Vehicle Actuated (VA) traffic responsive Smart Controllers
  • Wireless operation eliminates road cutting-refilling & cable laying operations, associated with conventional Traffic Controller.

Red Light-Stop Line Violation & Detection System (RLSVDS)

  • RLSVDS comprises of Traffic Controller, Detection Sensors, Video Camera, ANPR Camera, Illuminator, Control Electronics, Communication Network & Central Server
  • Snapshot with number plate details and three seconds video is provided as evidence from RLSVDS Server
  • RLSVDS Software facilitates challan issuance and various report management
  • Speed measurement sensor uses a continuous wave transmitter and receiver in the Microwave Ka band (34,3 GHz) and operates under the principle of the Doppler Effect

CCTV Junction Surveillance

  • End-to-end solution for CCTV Junction Surveillance within the same Traffic Command Control Centre
  • Real time streaming video from junctions and strategic locations enables effective traffic & incident management from remote Traffic Command Control Centre
  • Allows operators to directly observe the traffic conditions at all junctions, verify incidents and congestion conditions
  • Multiple choices for IP based PTZ/Fixed Cameras with 36X zoom facility that enable capture of minute details from junction
  • Crime prevention and deterrence

Variable Message Sign (VMS)

  • VMS is an electronic message sign with systematically arranged cluster of Light Emitting Diodes (LED) which are wired together and electronically driven & controlled.
  • The systematic array of LEDs and their logical driving produces readable texts and graphic displays
  • VMS can be remotely controlled through wired or wireless communication.
  • VMS has got multiple applications e.g. give road users updated information on road/traffic conditions, at strategic locations to display public utility messages and in the field of advertising

Video Incident Detection

  • Through real-time analysis of images of the camera, incident detection module is able to detect all major incidents within seconds
  • This high speed detection and incident verification can seriously reduce the impact of the incidents and prevent secondary accidents
  • Automatic Incident Detection can be done for : stopped vehicles, drivers on the wrong-way, pedestrians, lost cargo, smoke & fire, queue, speed drop among others

Control and Command Centre

  • Integrated Command Centre for various Intelligent Transportation and Traffic Management sub-systems
Our Experts
Rakesh Kaul – VP (Intelligent Transport Systems)

Rakesh Kaul, who is an Engineering Graduate (Civil Eng. from NIT, Srinagar, J&K University) heads the Intelligent Transport System(ITS) division of our organization.

Mr. Kaul is a Traffic Engineer with 30 years of experience in co-ordination and implementation of mega infrastructure projects in transportation with extensive focus on transport system management in ITS. He has contributed in more than 25 cities in India and abroad.
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