Delhi Integrated Multi-Modal Transit System Ltd.
A Joint Venture of Government of National Capital Territory
of Delhi & IDFC Foundation.
An ISO Certified Company  
Transportation Technology and IT Solutions

The Information Technology department has over time built strength in the Transport Analytics domain backed by its versatile Research & Development capabilities. The division is contributing significantly to the Urban Mobility space through time-tested Intelligent Transport Systems evolved on gathering field knowledge over the years. We have a broad portfolio of products/ solutions, with a focus on:
  • Automatic Vehicle Location System (AVLS)
  • Mobile Applications
  • Automatic Fare Collection (AFC)
  • Identity Management
We are An ISO ISO 9001:2008 and ISO 14001:2004 Company with Tier 2 compliant and ISO 27001:2013 certified data center in Delhi.

Automatic Vehicle Location System (AVLS)

DIMTS has solutions for Vehicle Tracking and Fleet Management for all categories of public transport, based on a combination of GPS, GPRS, GIS and Web technologies. Customized mobile and email alerts based on different conditions are sent to stakeholders while tracking movement of the fleet / vehicle, for security and monitoring purposes.

Intelligent Routing & Traffic Congestion information helps the city administrationguide traffic better, improve trip planning, decrease travel time, and lowerpollution levels.

Passenger Information System boards display traffic information at bus shelters, parking lots, crossroads etc.

Mobile Applications

Pooch-O, the flagship product is a "One-Stop Transit App" from DIMTS, with a commuter-centric interface giving options for travel by Auto Rickshaws, Buses and provides traffic information to help commuters plan better.

Download PoochO from Google Play Store.

NextBus Delhi is a one-of-a-kind bus application providing route information, live occupancy status and estimated time of arrival (exact time of the next bus’s arrival with its bus number) for cluster buses in Delhi. The app also gives information regarding bus frequency, bus stop locations, and maps for better visibility to the commuter.

Download NextBus from Google Play Store.

TellTail is a security app for the Indian citizens, especially for lady commuters.This application can be used all over the country for basic security features. Residents of Delhi travelling by auto can share the location of the Auto Rickshaw they are travelling in with their family/friends. They can also choose to be tracked by their family/friends for better security. In case of emergency, they can choose to either press the power button thrice continuously or violently shake the mobile or press the panic button on the application to intimate when in danger. Emergency contacts will be alerted with an alarmeven if their phone is on Silent mode and receive a message that contains the location of the user and a map for further guidance.

Download TellTail from Google Play Store.

Automatic Fare Collection (AFC)

Enabling payments for multiple purposes including public transport with DIMTSPay, the unique payments platform for ticketing / passes / parking / toll. It has options of a Mobile Wallet, Smart Card, and the standard Credit / Debit Card facility.

Identity Management

Smart-Card based solutions for issuance of Driving License, Registration Certificates of vehicles, Permits for State / National level commercial vehicles and Public Service Vehicle badges.

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