Intelligent Transport Systems

Intelligent Transport Systems

The ITS Group at DIMTS specializes in the development and deployment of Intelligent Transportation Management Systems (ITMS) in India. ITMS is a subset of ITS, which comprises of set of broad and diverse technologies including information processing, network communications, electronics / instrumentation control & software engineering.

We are combining these technologies to develop practicable applications in transportation management systems for a wide range of intelligent solutions which helps to resolve traffic management issues due to urbanization in cities bringing environmental and economic efficiency and enhancing quality of life of the citizens.

  • Excellent record in ‘In & post-warranty support’, asset up-grades & refreshments including skill development with available experts in-house in transportation domain under one umbrella.
  • We possess highly qualified and experienced experts in the domain of IT, Transport Planning, Traffic Engineering, ITS, etc.
  • In-house Traffic Lab to improvise on ITS solutions applicable to Indian Cities, including Test & Repair Centre for component level repairing of the deployed ITS equipment’s.
  • Awareness to achieve the life cycle of the equipment’s, we do not adhere to cost cutting measures during O&M period, being the USP at DIMTS.

Key Experts

Rakesh Kaul
HOD-ITS and Planning & Scheduling

A Traffic Engineer with 33+ years in coordination and implementation of global & national mega infra. Projects ranging from intelligent transport systems, smart city solutions in ITMS, traffic eng., transport planning etc. & has contributed in more than 20 cities in India and abroad. He has pursued his B.Tech in Civil Engineering from NIT, Srinagar, J&K University.

Rajesh Khanna
General Manager, ITS
Atul Kumar
General Manager , ITS