Ground Infrastructure Design

Ground Infrastructure Design

BRT Corridor Project, New Delhi

Project: Consultancy Services for Detailed Design and Engineering Report for BRTS in Delhi.

Client: Transport Department, Govt. of NCT of Delhi

The main objective of the assignment is to carry out necessary studies for preparation of “Detailed Design & Engineering Report” (DPR) for both the identified BRT corridors for its implementation under a engineering, procurement and construction (EPC) methodology. The project report will also include the issues related to integration of existing transportation linkages i.e. Public Transport, Metro, Railways, Private Vehicles, Airport bound Traffic etc., and the report should suggest measures for enhancing and seamlessly linking all the existing transport systems with the proposed BRT corridors. The focus of the DPR is development of road infrastructure to suit BRT corridors as well as improvement of the abutting road network around the proposed corridors in order to provide smooth traffic flow and prepare traffic management & operational plan for the BRT Corridors including the approach roads in the project influence area. While planning for all the services & systems, existing resources in optimum way should be utilized. The DPR would inter-alia’ include detailed structural designs for the carriage way, the junctions, major road intersections and indication of necessary modifications for smooth traffic flow, signaling with the use of Intelligent Transport System (ITS), location of pedestrian sub ways, footpaths, foot bridges, bus bays, passenger information system & other passenger amenities including road signage and street furniture

Scope of Work undertaken by DIMTS
  • Surveys & Investigations
    1. Review of Data and Documents
    2. Road condition and inventory
    3. Utility and Tree Inventory
    4. Traffic Surveys
    5. Reconnaissance and Alignment
    6. Topographic Surveys
    7. Geo-technical Investigations
  • Traffic Analysis, Traffic Demand Estimation, Integrated Transportation Corridor Planning and Junction Planning.
  • Preparation of Feasibility Report.
  • Carry out Horizontal & Vertical Designing of Road, Junction Designing and Pavement Designing.
  • Design of Embankment and Drainage Systems.
  • Preparation of Utility Shifting and Land Acquisition Plan
  • Preparation of EIA / SIA report and EMP.
  • Preparation of Bill of Quantity (BoQ) and Cost Estimate
  • Carry out Economic and Financial Analysis
  • Detailed design & preparation of GAD’s of road (pavement & geometric design) & other structures and Preparation of Detailed Project Report.
  • Preparation of Tender Document
FOB’s / Subways / Underpasses in New Delhi

Project: Turnkey Consultancy Services (Feasibility Study, Planning, Designing, Tendering, Execution, Testing, Commissioning and Handing over of Project) for Development of Foot Over-Bridges, Pedestrian Subways and Underpasses at Park Street, near RML Urban Area in NDMC Area.

Client: New Delhi Municipal Council (NDMC).

The ever-compelling need to provide more road space for growing number of vehicles meant that newer infrastructure investments are more focused on personal vehicles than the need for allocating space for other modes like walking, cycling and public transport. Pedestrians are most vulnerable in a traffic accident; hence improving conditions for the safety of the pedestrians has been stressed at the central, state and local levels. Thus, there arises the need for building adequate transport infrastructure facilities to ensure the safety of pedestrians and allow smooth flow of vehicles. Keeping the same in mind, the New Delhi Municipal Council appointed DIMTS to provide turnkey consultancy services for the development of FOB’s subways and vehicular underpasses at various locations in Delh


  • Mathura Road
  • Africa Avenue
  • Mother Teresa Crescent Road
  • Park Street
  • Ambedkar Nagar
  • Push Vihar


  • Mandir Marg
  • Shahjahan Road

Vehicular Underpass

  • Shantipath
  • BKS Marg

Scope of Work undertaken by DIMTS

  • Assessment of the direction and flow of pedestrians during peak and off peak hours,
  • Determination of project site, Architectural assessment of the need and the nature of intervention required (Foot over Bridge / Subway / Underpass)
  • Carry out necessary survey and geotechnical Investigations, Detailed topographic surveys
  • Preparation of the Feasibility study, concept drawing,
  • Planning and Design, Preparation of Project Report, Project costing & Estimates, detailed BOQ
  • Preparation of Tender documents for execution of civil works, invitation of Bids and award of work
  • Project Management Services (PMC) during construction stage.

Redevelopment / Renovation of 08 Bus stands

Project: Consultancy Services for preparation of Feasibility Study Report, detailed design and Detailed Project Report for Redevelopment / Renovation of 08 Bus stands {Simdega, Baridih, Mango, Dumka, Phusro, Gumla, Godda & Deoghar} in the State of Jharkhand.

Client: Delhi Transport Infrastructure Development Corporation Ltd. /Transport Department, GNCTD.
Client: JUIDCO.

The Jharkhand Urban Infrastructure Development Company Limited (JUIDO) has been entrusted with the assignment of Redevelopment / Renovation of Bus Stands in the State of Jharkhand and the project is being funded by Asian Development Bank (ADB). DIMTS has been appointed by JUIDCO to carry out the studies pertaining to preparation of Detailed Project Report for Redevelopment / Renovation of 08 Bus stands

The main objective of the consultancy service is to establish the technical, economical, and financial viability of the project and prepare feasibility cum detailed project report for Redevelopment / Renovation of 08 Bus stands. The viability of the project shall be established taking into account the requirements with regard to development / upgradation & improvement based on best practices for urban development and guidelines.

Scope of Work undertaken by DIMTS
  • Preparation of Inception Report
    1. Review of Data and Documents
    2. Site Condition and inventory
  • Carry out Parking Accumulation Survey
  • Engineering Surveys and Investigations
    1. Topographic Surveys
    2. Geo-technical Investigations
  • Preparation of Feasibility Report, carry out viability analysis and Financial Analysis
  • Preparation of Social, Gender and Environmental impact assessment plans
  • Preparation of Preliminary & Detailed Design and Drawings (GAD)
  • Preparation of block cost & detailed Cost Estimates and BOQs.
  • Preparation of Detailed Project Report and Technical Specifications.
  • Viability and Financing
    1. Financial & Economic Analysis
    2. Financing Structure
  • Preparation of Tender Documents (BOOT / EPC / PPP Basis) and support in Bid process Management & selection of Contractor
Construction of Cluster Bus Depot at Various Locations in Delhi

PMC [DIMTS].This Depot was developed over an area of 10.5 acres to accommodate 250 nos., of cluster buses under cluster No-2. Construction for this depot was started in Mar’ 2012 and completed in April 2013. However the operation from this depot with part fleet of 50 buses was started in Sep’2012.

Rajghat-II, New Delhi

This Depot was developed in 2013-14 over the unused available land of 4 acres transferred from DTC to Transport Department, GNCTD for housing of 100 cluster buses under cluster-6 & 7 out of 17 clusters. This depot is situated opposite the existing DTC depot at Rajghat on Outer Ring Road.

Dichauon Kalan-II, New Delhi

This depot was developed between Feb’2016 to Dec’ 2016 on 5.17 acres of land on main Najafgarh-Nangloi Road just opposite the existing DTC Depot, for housing of 125 nos., of buses pertaining to cluster-9

Dwarka Sector-22, New Delhi

This depot has been constructed on 5 acres of land situated on UER-II, within the premises and as a part of ISBT Dwarka for parking 100 and garaging of 250 buses. An additional space of 5 acres has also been developed by providing of paver blocks for parking of 150 nos., of buses, until the Dwarka ISBT comes to its existence. Thus ideally it has an area of 10 acres for parking & garaging of 250 nos., of buses