Multi Modal Integration

Multi Modal Integration

Project : Preparation of Feasibility study, Detailed Project Report and providing construction supervision and management services for Kalyan station precinct improvement project.

Client : Smart Kalyan Dombivli Corporation Limited (SKDCL)

Bhubaneswar Development Authority (BDA)

Bhubaneswar Development Authority (BDA) & work in, offering highest standard of living, clean and green environment, long beautiful waterfront, best in class smart infrastructure and ample employment opportunities by 2030.

One of the goals of the proposal is to improve mobility in the traditional urban core areas that have developed concentric to railway stations. The project Kalyan station precinct improvement is aimed at achieving this goal and is proposed by M/s Smart Kalyan Dombivli Corporation Limited (SKDCL). The planning for the improvement & redevelopment of the Kalyan Station Precinct is proposed to improve the west & east side of the station and decongest the Kalyan Station precinct by improved pedestrian access, improved vehicular access, improved parking, hawking zones etc. by application of urban design elements Subsequently, DIMTS has been entrusted to undertake the assignment and carry out the works pertaining to preparation of Feasibility study, Master Plan, Detailed Project report, Project Management & supervision services for the project.

Scope of Work undertaken by DIMTS

  1. Preparation of Master Plan and subsequent approvals from state bodies
  2. Preparation of Detailed Project Report & Structural Design including Proof Checking by IITs
  3. Preparation of Land acquisition plan
  4. Preparation of Social impact assessment and Environmental impact assessment plans in accordance with applicable norms and standards and assist SKDCL in obtaining approvals.
  5. Preparation of detailed recommendation and implementation framework for the project
  6. Preparation of detailed estimates and project costs which includes the cost of environmental and social safeguards if any
  7. Preparation of Tender Documents / Tender schedules and Bid process Management & selection of Contractor.
  8. Construction supervision, quality control and assurance during construction phase

Project : Preparation of Technical and Financial Feasibility Study, Master Plan, Business Plan and Providing Transaction and Bid Advisory Services for Development / Redevelopment of Anand Vihar (New Delhi) Railway Station on the Indian Railway Network” – Multi Model Network at Anand Vihar Railway Station.

Client : Indian Railway Station Development Corporation (IRSDC)

Indian Railway Station Development Corporation (IRSDC) as the nodal agency has been entrusted for the work of redevelopment of the railway stations with modern passenger amenities. The work includes Development/redevelopment the existing/ new railway station(s) which will consist of upgrading the level of passenger amenities by new constructions/ renovations including redevelopment of the station buildings, platform surfaces, circulating area to better standards so as to serve the need of the passenger. The work involves complete designing, construction, financing, maintenance, generation and collection of revenues through identified passenger amenities, retail and such other commercial activities at the station in such a manner that each Project becomes financially viable. Implementation of Projects will be through self-financing mechanism in which the scope and parameters of a project will be selected in such a manner that the capital and running cost of the project is financed though the future Project Revenue.

Scope of Work undertaken by DIMTS

  1. Technical feasibility study – conducting various surveys, assessing requirements, understanding the development control norms etc.
  2. Development of Master Plan & Cost estimates
  3. Construction methodology, sequencing, scheduling and programming
  4. Financial analysis
  5. Business Plan, Generation and Collection of Revenues
  6. Preliminary designs and prepare design criteria / outline specifications
  7. Project cost and preparation of indicative BOQ and cost estimates
  8. Preparation of Technical schedules and Bidding documents
  9. Transaction and Bid Advisory Services

Project: Preparation of Architectural/Urban Design for Developing Inter State Bus Terminal (ISBT) at Baramunda

Client : Bhubaneswar Development Authority (BDA)

In smart city proposal, Bhubaneswar has envisaged becoming a city with sustainable mobility choices and afterward the city has taken up various developmental projects to change the city’s futurescape with prioritizing the public transportation over private. Success and efficiency of a good public transportation system also depends upon the infrastructure provided along with it. Baramunda Bus terminal is the biggest bus terminal with an area of 15.5 acre used for both interstate & intercity bus operations. Daily almost 800 (approx.) buses operate from this terminal. The project site is well connected with the city and other surrounding areas through NH-16.

Bhubaneswar Development Authority (BDA) has been developed, under Odisha Development Authority (ODA) Act, to prepare broad strategic plans for the city. Recently the State Govt. has given the responsibility of development of the entire big transit infrastructure, i.e. depots and terminals, in the city and has been entrusted for development of ISBT at Baramunda.

Main objective of this project is to achieve following:

  1. To develop State of the Art Bus Terminal with all the necessary facilities for the passengers.
  2. To provide more convenient and easy transfer experience to the passengers by integrating various modes.
  3. To explore and generate revenues from non-fare box sources

Scope of Work undertaken by DIMTS

  1. To develop State of the Art Bus Terminal with all the necessary facilities for the passengers.
  2. To provide more convenient and easy transfer experience to the passengers by integrating various modes.
  3. To explore and generate revenues from non-fare box sources

1. Inception Report and Best Option Study

a. Existing Situation Analysis

b. Additional Infrastructure Requirement Assessment

c. Macro-Economic Analysis

d. Market demand assessment and best option study

2. Preparation of Concept Master

a. Detailed Zoning & Land use Plan

b. Detailed plan showing the commercial/real estate development area

c. Detailed plan covering proper & efficient vehicular circulation

d. Preparation of preliminary block cost estimates.

3. Preparation of Detailed Project Report

a. Social Impact Assessment & Environmental Impact Assessment and assistance in obtaining approvals

b. Financial Analysis & Business Plan

c. Preparation of Detailed Design and Drawings

d. Preparation of Detailed Cost Estimates

4. Preparation of Bid Document

a. Preparation of Terms of Reference, Bidding Document & Contract Agreement